South Atlantic Abandoned Whaling Station in 1964

1964 South Atlantic Abandoned Whaling Station

The abandoned whaling station at Leith Harbour in South Georgia, South Atlantic, appears to have been bombed. Rusted steel chimneys are strewn across the roads.

For 39 years, a massive whaling ship has been stranded in Iceland’s Skapadalur Valley.

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Author: Marakhovets Alexey – LiveJournal @alexio-marziano

The picturesque valley has gained notoriety in part because of this ghost ship, which adds charm and interest to its surroundings.

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Author: Marakhovets Alexey – LiveJournal @alexio-marziano

This location has become an Icelandic landmark, with tourists, photographers, and urban explorers flocking here.

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Carl Anton Larsen, a Norwegian, established the first whaling station at Grytviken in 1904 under a lease agreement with the British government. South Georgia had a total of seven whaling stations, including the one at Husvik. Grytviken was the largest ship in Antarctic waters, and one of the largest in the world. Its location was thought to be among the best in South Georgia.

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Author: Marakhovets Alexey – LiveJournal @alexio-marziano
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The Globe IV, a large whaling ship, has been built in Norway in 1912. It was outfitted with sails as well as a steam engine. The ship was owned by various countries throughout its life, as it was constantly for sale. The hull of the Globe IV was strengthened over time.

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This decision was made because the ship mostly traveled through icy seas and frequently had to break through the surface ice.

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Author: Marakhovets Alexey – LiveJournal @alexio-marziano

The whaling station and factory at Grytvikan were built in 38 days by 60 Norwegians. At its peak, 300 men worked there, primarily during the summer months of October to March. Elephant seals, in addition to whales, were hunted. They were shipped to Europe or other destinations after being processed at Grytviken’s factory.

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Author: Marakhovets Alexey – LiveJournal @alexio-marziano

Grytviken was named by the Swedish Antarctic Expedition in 1902, and the Norwegians decided to honor their Scandinavian neighbors by keeping the name.

Grytviken grew to become South Georgia’s largest settlement, despite the fact that British administration was based at the British Antarctic Survey at King Edward Point.

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Author: Marakhovets Alexey – LiveJournal @alexio-marziano

Garar BA 64 continued to function for another 18 years before its Icelandic owner decided that the ship was no longer fit for further service.

The ship was declared unsafe in 1981, but the owner refused to have it sunk. Instead, he ran it aground in Patreksfjördur, Iceland’s Skápadalur Valley.

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Author: Marakhovets Alexey – LiveJournal @alexio-marziano

As of 1981, the ship Garar BA 64 has been gradually deteriorating, creating an interesting tourist attraction. Because it is possible to climb aboard and explore the ship from the inside, this ghost ship is a popular destination for photographers and tourists.

The setting is a beautiful mix of Icelandic nature and industrial ruins.

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Cruises to Antarctica have become popular with a stop in South Georgia featuring on many.

The ship has become so well-known that tours to the valley are now offered by local Icelandic companies. Visitors can choose between a tour that lasts several hours and a hike that lasts several days.

You do not, however, need to book a tour to see this ship. Tourists visit on their own, with their friends, or by following Highway 612.

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A view of the abandoned settlement at Grytviken.

Marakhovets Alexey took these stunning photos of an abandoned ship in Iceland. Thank you so much for granting us permission to use your photos in this article.

Alexey is a traveler and photographer who hopes to visit every country on the planet. He has already traveled to 40 countries.

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A panoramic view of Grytviken.

Alexey maintains his own blog about the information he gathers on his travels, which includes impressive pics taken by himself.

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