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    What To Pack For An Amusement Park? 15 Essentials For You

    The Amusement park is a place often visited by families to spend time with their kids or to enjoy themselves with their friends, where...

    Alaska’s Buckner Building was a Military Base During the Cold War.

    The General Simon Buckner Building is an old US military base in Whittier, Alaska. It is named for Gen. Simon Buckner. During the Cold...

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    South Atlantic Abandoned Whaling Station in 1964

    The abandoned whaling station at Leith Harbour in South Georgia, South Atlantic, appears to have been bombed. Rusted steel chimneys are strewn across the...



    Abandoned Anglo Meat Packing Plant in Uruguay in 19th Century

    History of Abandoned Anglo Meat Packing Plant in Uruguay A company called 'Anglo' established a meat packing plant on the Uruguay River in 1899. It...

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    Dogpatch Theme Park USA is Abandoned Will be Auctioned Off.

    Dogpatch USA, an abandoned amusement park, is located in Marble Falls in Arkansas' northwest corner. The property used to house a trout farm, but...

    Riverside Hospital Toledo, Ohio has been Demolished in 1983

    The Toledo Riverside Hospital was in existence for almost a century. It was surrounded by crackled pavement and became a crumbling ruin. The Riverside Hospital,...

    Vanished Ipatiev House: Place that Romanovs were Murdered.

    A book has been published about the mystery that lie behind Ipatiev House located in Yekaterinburg which was where the last Russian family of...

    Abandoned Cairo Town, Illinois: Death by Racism

    Cairo (pronounced "Care-O," is located near the intersection of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at the southernmost edge of Illinois. I was immediately intrigued...

    Penn Hills Resort: An Abandoned Resort in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    The abandoned Poconos hotel is haunted by the legacy of romantic gimmicks and a fugitive who is violent. Honeymooning has been a long-standing custom across...




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