Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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    Dreadful Past of Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center

    Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center is a juvenile correctional facility in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. It was named after Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and...

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    Scariest Abandoned Homes in the World

    Autumnal residence, Aomori, Japan Many abandoned homes become shadows of their former selves, but not this remarkable Japanese empty house. Every year after the summer,...

    The world’s most terrifying abandoned houses

    Homes that look like they belong in a horror film Nothing gets our imaginations going like an abandoned house. These abandoned structures have witnessed history...

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    Abandoned Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard: Tourist Attraction and a Living Space

    The unique spot in Bangkok's outskirts has become a tourist attraction. An airplane graveyard has been created from debris of aircrafts that were left...

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    Abandoned Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital New Jersey

    since 2011 the Hagedorn psychiatric hospital in New Jersey has been unable to provide services to the state's residents. In 1907, the state of...

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    Abandoned Casa Sperimentale: Photos of Ruins 

    It has been decided to digitize the remains of Casa Sperimentale, an experimental concrete treehouse created by Giuseppe Perugini and Uga de Plaisant in...

    Gary Indiana : 1990s City that has Become a Ghost Town

    Gary Indiana, Steel Industry Gary Indiana, previously had a strong steel industry, but global competition and industrial restructure have resulted in a...

    Abandoned US military bases in Vietnam: Controversial military campaign in American history

    Vietnam War was America's most controversial and costly military campaign. It was also a war that defined a generation, and even a decade. This operation...

    1903 Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit: World’s Largest Abandoned Packard Park

    Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit, Michigan was once regarded as one of the most innovative in the world. It covered 40 acres in the...

    Amazing 1960s abandoned ship graveyard.

    This abandoned ship graveyard is one of several in the Vladivostok area. It is situated in the Bay of Labor on the Russian island...




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