Ohio’s Most Famous Haunted House| Franklin Castle

Ohio’s Most Famous Haunted House| Franklin Castle
Ohio’s Most Famous Haunted House|Franklin Castle

For Halloween, there is a series called “Haunted House.” This is part of it. This house is not for sale.
Franklin Castle, which is in Cleveland, Ohio, is thought to be the “most haunted house in Ohio.” It may be true, or it may not be. Queen Anne-style house: Cudell and Richardson built it for Hannes Tiedemann, a German immigrant and the founder of the Euclid Ave Savings and Trust. The house is made of stone. When the mansion was built, Franklin Boulevard and West 44th Street were some of the city’s most prestigious streets. The four-story, 20-room mansion stood on one of these streets at the time.

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According to different stories, Tiedemann was either a saint who built his posh house for his family and friends, but also for friends, family, and others who came from Germany to stay when they first came to Cleveland. Or he was a cruel, vindictive man who took pleasure in hurting others. Rumors spread that Tiedemann’s dark side was who he really was when there were a lot of mysterious deaths in his family.

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Hannes, Louise and August Tiedemann, 1880s


When her mother died in 1881, Emma died of diabetes at the age of 15 because she was too fat. Soon after, Tiedemann’s mother, Wiebeka, who was very old, died. Over time, Tiedemann and his wife Louise would bury three more young children. This caused rumors that there was more to their deaths than what the eye saw. For his wife, Tiedemann hired a company to do a lot of work on the house. They built a ballroom, turrets, and gargoyles.

She died in 1895, at the age of 57, because of a liver disease. Hannes then sold the house to the Mullhauser family, who lived there for a few years before moving out. A lot of people thought he had killed his niece, Rachel, and another woman while living in the castle on Franklin Blvd. By 1908, everyone in the Tiedemann family was dead, leaving no direct heirs to inherit Hannes’ money.

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A saint or a sinner?

It doesn’t seem like the ghosts of the Tiedemann children would be haunting the Franklin Castle, but it’s not impossible. They didn’t move into the house until 1883, and both Emma and Wiebeka died in 1881. They died when they were babies in the 1870s. August and Dora died in 1906, long after the family had moved out of their house. The niece Karen and the servant girl Rachel, both of whom were thought to have been killed by Hannes, were never real.

There you go. Was Hannes Tiedemann a good person or bad person?

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In 1984, Judy Garland’s last husband, Michael DeVinko, bought the castle and did a lot of work to it. Over the next 10 years, he spent almost $1 million on it. He even found some of the original furniture. Devinko said that poltergeists were real. In 1994, he sold it, and the house was empty until 1999. During the next 20 years, the house and the carriage house were hit by fires. The new owner wants to split the property into three separate homes. It is owned by the person who owns it, but tours can pass by.

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