Images Of The Abandoned Car Graveyard In Sweden

Photos Of The Swedish Graveyard Of Abandoned Cars
Photos Of The Swedish Graveyard Of Abandoned Cars

One of the most enjoyable pastimes is embarking on long journeys into the unknown. Even if they’re just looking at photos and reading stories online, people are enthralled by abandoned locations. You’re out of the woods if you go see them in person.

In this article, we’d like to introduce a person who enjoys exploring the unknown and finding hidden treasures. Meet Matt Emmett, a photographer who has a deep desire to explore the world’s most eerie and beautiful abandoned places. In Bastnas, Sweden, he had been looking forward to seeing a smattering of abandoned cars, which turned out to be one of his most anticipated destinations.

In the past, it was a scrapyard that had been reclaimed by nature. This was the final item on his bucket list, so he made sure to bring back some souvenirs for us. This graveyard of automobiles is awe-inspiring and he captured it on camera to show the world. Check out some of Matt’s photos by scrolling down this page.

Information and images provided by Matt Emmett.

In the 1940s to the 1960s, a lot of cars were abandoned in this area. After people removed their parts from the scrapyard, it is said to have been abandoned. This was a place to look for hidden treasure because auto parts were so expensive back then!

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Abandoned Car
Old Volvo2 5f11d1976d983 880
Paddock2 5f11d1a33c095 880
Photo Credit:Matt Emmett
Reverse Beetle Drive2 5f11d1ac037e5 880
Photo Credit: Matt Emmett

These images show that, despite being abandoned for more than half a century, this place still has a unique beauty. On Bored Panda, he shared this amazing collection of abandoned car photos.

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Photo Credit:Matt Emmett
Flat out truck2 5f11d167087bf 880
Photo Credits: Matt Emmett

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Old Volvo2 5f11d1976d983 880 1
Photo Credit:Matt Emmett
Paddock2 5f11d1a33c095 880 1
Photo Credit:Matt Emmett
Reverse Beetle Drive2 5f11d1ac037e5 880 1
Photo Credit:Matt Emmett
Staggered2 5f11d1c319e04 880
Photo Credit:Matt Emmett

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The House2 5f11d1d0743cc 880
Photo Credit:Matt Emmett


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