Abandoned Casa Sperimentale: Photos of Ruins 


It has been decided to digitize the remains of Casa Sperimentale, an experimental concrete treehouse created by Giuseppe Perugini and Uga de Plaisant in the 1960s for the purpose of a new exhibition.

The project was undertaken by Patrick Weber and Sabine Storp, architects and researchers at The Bartlett School of Architecture, in order to comprehensively document the architectural peculiarity, which is currently in a precarious condition.

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Abandoned Casa Sperimentale

Weber and Storp worked with photographer Andy Tye and 3D-scanning company ScanLAB to film the crumbling structure, visually preserving it in its current state so that anyone interested in the mystery ruins can explore it from a distance.

In the beach town of Fregene, near Rome, a family of Italian architects spent seven years constructing Casa Sperimentale, also known as Casa Albero, which they named after their grandfather.

Abandoned Casa Sperimentale

Casa Sperimentale is a one-of-a-kind building made of geometric shapes that is elevated among the pine trees. It was designed to be completely modular so that it could be built and expanded on at any time.

Box-like rooms sit in a concrete frame, while spherical rooms hang from the main frame or sit separately in the grounds under the main structure.

The entrance to Casa Sperimentale is accessed via a single red staircase that can be lifted up like a drawbridge to cut the treehouse off from the ground.

Following the architects’ deaths, the house fell into disrepair and has since been vandalized with graffiti. Weber and Storp hope that comprehensively documenting the structure will aid in its preservation, either physically or digitally.

Abandoned Casa Sperimentale

They called it “an outstanding example of experimental architecture”.

As a result, “it deserves to be extensively explored and documented so that its tale is not forgotten, and that professionals and students around the world can learn from it before it is lost forever to the ravages of neglect,” says the author.

For the Weissenhof Gallery’s 100 Years of Bauhaus activities program, the study will be on display as the opening show.

Abandoned Casa Sperimentale

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